Leave a request on the site and our employee will conduct a 30-minute call. At the consultation, we will discuss all the details of the installation of panels, the effectiveness of different panels, the stages of work with contractors, the return of 30% of the cost of panels from the government under a special program, favorable lending at 2.99%, etc.
Our team analyzes your home's electricity consumption and reviews previous bills.
We compare offers from manufacturing companies and generate a complete report and the best offer for you in order to find the most effective and working option for your request
We help you get 30% back on the cost of the panels from the federal government and support programs from your state. We advise on the most advantageous offers from banks
The entire procedure for installing panels takes up to 3 months. After 3 months, your electricity bills will be reduced by 50-90%. Solar panels are economical, environmentally friendly and safe
Benefits of Solar Panels
Reduced electricity bill
up to $10-20 per month
You are no longer dependent on tariff increases from your electric company
Guaranteed quality for installation and panel performance for up to 30 years

about Sun Street


The Sun Street team is originally from Ukraine and has been helping US clients save significant amounts on their electricity bills by installing solar panels for over 8 years.

We analyze your electricity consumption, previous electricity bills and proposals from contractors. Specifically for your home, we make calculations of the effectiveness of various panels. We provide you with a complete list of suitable panels with efficiency miscalculations. You will know the electricity bills even before the panels are installed.

Once installed, we help you get a 30% tax credit back from the federal government, as well as support from your state and banks.

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    we help customers save on electricity with solar panels
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